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Marine Industrial Fabrication, Inc.



  Marine Industrial Fabrication, Inc. was founded in 1982 to provide quality service to its customers in the most cost effective manner available. Our ongoing success is driven by a commitment to quality and service, a philosophy that has been the key to our growth since we began operating thirty years ago. This philosophy, especially during the lean years in the industry, has helped us retain a loyal customer base.

  MIF offers a wide range of services including our own ABS approved jacking system. We offer fabrication services including barges, bearing caps, wire line unit skids, liftboat legs, pads, aluminum or steel cabins, living quarters up to complete turnkey construction of self-propelled liftboats. Our onsite blasting and painting capabilities can handle any size job, including blasting with walnut shells to avoid sand contamination of hydraulic components. Our fabrication personnel are available for road service when offshore marine repairs are required.


  R.L. Burton is a modern pioneer in the self-propelled liftboat business. His experience spans with his early days at Levingston Shipbuilding in Orange, Texas to being the owner/operator of his own shipyards. His hands-on experience in design, construction/repair and testing of nearly every part of these vessels has made him an expert in the field. This experience and an aggressive attitude towards quality and service has made his name familiar throughout the oilfield industry.


  MIF is located at the end of the Marina Road in the Port of Iberia. The fabrication yard consists of 32 acres of land including a 15,000 square foot shop with a 40 ton gantry crane. We also offer 650 feet of waterfront on the west bank and 750 feet of waterfront on the north bank. In addition to the waterfront is a main load out location which allows us to track our Manitowoc 16000 crane up to the waters' edge for handling extra heavy loads. Our crane has a 440 ton lifting capacity and can be fitted out with over 300 feet of boom. Our customers can drive equipment right onto the decks of their vessels and load/offload their own equipment at any time day or night. We can also provide temporary electrical shore power service as required.

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